Study Abroad

Study Abroad Student Liaison for 2018-19:  Carrington McDowell-Walsh:


Are you considering going abroad for part of your time at Harvard? You might also want to connect with some of the Lowell House Senior Common Room members. They're a widely traveled group who would be happy to share their experiences with you. Next to each person's name we have listed the countries with which they have knowledge or expertise. (Their email adresses are listed in the SCR directory link under People/Resident/Non-Resident affiliates)

Mary Alexander (medicine): Peru


Sandy Alexander (law): Peru

Tom Batchelder (Art History): Denmark, Spain, Turkey, Italy

Diana Eck (Religion): England, India

June Erlick (Journalism): Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala

Jonathan Fanton (History, Philanthropy): nearly everywhere

Gregg Glover (Education): United Kingdom, Sweden

Beth Terry (Administration): Italy (Rome)

Evander Price (American Studies): Italy, Russia

Charlie and Leslie Tarver: Vienna

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