House Life

Occasionem Cognosce is the Lowell House motto: Know your opportunities to join in House life!


Information about Harvard commencement and Lowell House’s traditional diploma ceremony

Trivia Night

Trivia Traditions!

Arts and Music

The Arts take many forms in Lowell House: music, visual arts, or the spoken word!

Dining Hall

The heart of the Lowell House experience

Traditional Events

Tradition is the operative word in Lowell House.  Whether it's a (virtual) cupcake at a Thursday Teas, buzzing in at Trivia Night, blasting your kazoo in the 1812 Overture, or taking your senior seat at High Table, old and new traditions combine for an exciting medley of annual LoHo rituals.

Housing Day

Every March, the First Year students are assigned to their upperclass House along with a whirl of festivities to mark the occasion!


Get out of the House and rally the cheers! IMs are the best way to stay fit, fun, and active!