About Fellowships 

Fellowships provide opportunities for students and graduates to pursue study, travel, research, or public service, both during the summer and after graduation. Fellowships for study usually cover tuition/fees and pay you a stipend to cover room and board. Fellowships for research, travel, or entrepreneurial projects give you a grant to fund the project that you proposed to do; you then use this money to cover your travel and living expenses, and in some cases also other expenses that you budgeted for. Fellowships for public service give you a grant for the summer or pay your salary for a year, so that you can work for an organization without requiring any financial commitment from them.
Students should seek fellowships to pursue specific academic, intellectual, or personal goals. Lowell House students can use this page to learn about available fellowships and to become familiar with application procedures.

List of Fellowships 

At the website of Harvard College’s Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (URAF), you can browse the list of Harvard-specific fellowships, as well as explore the college-wide funding database and look at a list of selected external fellowships.  

Important Notes and Dates 

The OCS Undergraduate and Research Fellowships office (URAF) has a calendar of deadlines and events.  You can also join URAF’s mailing list here.

Office Hours 

We are available to assist Lowell House students who are thinking about fellowships or in the process of applying for them. We can help you strategize about which fellowships are a good match for your interests and goals; we can refer you to other tutors or resources in the house who have experience with various fellowships and programs; and we can give you feedback on drafts of your personal statements and proposals. Although we will connect you with resources and provide you with feedback, ultimately it remains your responsibility to research what fellowships are available, to figure out all the requirements, and to submit all your applications on time.

To make the most of office hours, you may wish to browse Harvard’s lists of available fellowships first to get a sense of what you’re most interested in applying for. To sign up for office hours, visit our online sign-up sheet

Lowell House Fellowships Mailing List 

Occasionally we will send out announcements of upcoming fellowships. The goal is to give you a preview of fellowships with deadlines coming up in 1-2 months so you won't miss out on important opportunities over the course of the year. We post less than once a week on average to keep the email traffic to a minimum. To subscribe, go here.

Resident Fellowships Tutors, 2021-2022

Chair: Fanele Mashwama (lohofell@fas.harvard.edu)
Committee members: Bo Seo (Assistant Chair), Georgia Stirtz, Kyle Hildebrandt, Mahnum Shahzad