Resource Efficiency Program Lowell Associate

August 23, 2021

Christiana Akins of the Office for Sustainability is looking for a student intern. The posting can be found on the Student Employment Office's jobs page: search for Sustainability.

"The Office for Sustainability hires (12) students each academic year to facilitate the Resource Efficiency Program in each of the Houses at Harvard College. REPs are peer educators, trained to become environmental change agents. These students will educate their peers about environmental issues and encourage them to live more sustainably. Goals of the program include enhancing students’ knowledge and skills to communicate sustainability to their peers, increasing overall student awareness of environmental actions and ways to effect individual and group change on campus, and institutionalizing environmental stewardship within the Harvard College student body."

Candidates don’t have to be majoring in ESPP/ESE to apply, simply need to have enthusiasm for sustainability, strong communication skills, and self-motivation.