High Table

High Table is a venerable tradition in Lowell House dating back to Lowell's first Housemaster, Julian Lowell Coolidge, mathematics professor and ardent anglophile.  He instituted High Table, much like the Oxford and Cambridge traditions, as a formal dinner with select seniors and Senior Common Room members of the House. 

Over the decades High Table has evolved both in flavor and frequency. It no longer occurs every Monday night but four times each semester, with about 50 people per dinner and carefully assigned seating. It is dressy, it remains on a Monday evening, and it is still seniors-only.   

High Table is an opportunity to dine closely with faculty, administrators, and other esteemed guests you would not otherwise encounter. It is an opportunity to network with professionals in various fields or find a connection to a novel undertaking.  You may be surprised by who you meet, you might learn something new, or have your imagination inspired.  Without a doubt you will meet fascinating people and have an excellent meal!

Logistics for seniors:  High Tables have been planned throughout the year.  Invitations will be sent directly to you (grouped by entryway) about two weeks ahead of your scheduled High Table.  Please respond; we do need responses to these invitations in order to arrange seating.  If you cannot attend your scheduled High Table please email the office and reschedule yourself for one of the other dates.  The House Office is very happy to accommodate rescheduling.

SPRING 2020 HIGH TABLE SCHEDULE (by resident tutor)
Monday, Feb. 10 – Evan Price, Sarah June, Meghan Blumstein and Connor White's entryways
Monday, Feb. 24 – Daniel Moroz, Hannah Shaffer, Dianisbeth Acquie, Jamelle Watson-Daniels and Joel Anifowose's entryways
Monday, April 20 – Cancelled