ROOM RESERVATIONS:    Scroll down and read descriptions before trying to reserve a room:

First, the Junior Common Room, subject to following regulations as per HoCo and the Faculty Deans:
-The JCR is not reservable for closed student group meetings of any kind (this includes rehearsals, auditions, and regularly scheduled meetings)
-The JCR is not reservable for events that are not -- both officially and in spirit -- open and welcoming to all Lowell House residents. The JCR must be a space where students who live in Lowell House feel that they can enter and exit as they wish, whether or not there is a event taking place therein.
-The JCR *is* reservable for House-based programming sponsored by the Deans and Tutors of Lowell House.
-The JCR *is*reservable for House-based programming sponsored by the Lowell House Committee.
-The JCR *is* reservable for one-time events that contribute in manifest and meaningful ways to the life of Lowell House and the enrichment of its residents.  Therefore such events must be open to all Lowell House students, and should be expressly for Lowell House students. Events of this kind will be approved at the discretion of the Deans and Senior Staff of Lowell House in partnership with the Lowell House Committee.

~Please observe all these guidelines when making reservation requests for the Junior Common Room~

This new classroom in our basement is equipped with a table, 8 chairs and a blackboard. It's an excellent space for a small seminar. Extra chairs can be arranged.

Equipped with 25 arm desks and a blackboard, G-016 is suitable for large sections and groups. It is located at the bottom of the G-entry stairs and adjacent to the G-entry laundry room.

Equipped with 6 chairs, conference table, zero gravity chair and USB outlets.

The second basement classroom is N-012. It is a warm and cozy space which can accommodate about 12-15 people. It has two seminar tables, chairs and a blackboard.

Coolidge Room
The Coolidge Room is located in the archway between the large and small courtyards near the Dining Hall; it is on the left as one passes from the large to the small courtyard. The room seats about 10 people around a seminar table. It also has a blackboard, and is well lit and ventilated, making it suitable for small discussion sections or groups. For more than 10-15 people, the Small Dining Room or a basement classroom might be better. Note: The Coolidge Room may only be booked between the hours of 11am and 11pm, 7 days a week.

Dining Hall - The Dining Hall is used for certain House dances, parties and events, and by the Lowell House Opera. It can be used only by permission of the Masters and House Office and requires at least a two week lead time to reserve. For further information, please come by the House Office and take a Dining Hall reservation Form and speak with Beth Terry about the process. Forms are not available online.

Tower Room - The Tower Room is not for the faint of heart.  It houses a permanent photographic exhibit of the Russian Bells Exchange.  To get to the Tower Room, go to F-entry (across from the Building Manager’s office) and keep going up until you cannot go anymore. Note: The room itself has a fire code capacity of only 5 persons so you cannot bring more chairs up there or plan to host a large event -- it may be used for very small sections and piano practice. Any request to use the room for something other than a section requires pre-approval, and these sorts of requests must be submitted at least one week in advance. Use by non-Lowell groups is strictly prohibited.

Small Dining Room - The Small Dining Room (SDR) is the room behind the dais at the Masters’ Residence end of the Dining Hall. It has a large table that can seat about 20 people. However, that the room is frequently unavailable due to High Tables, Lowell House Dinners, and other special events that have priority over all other events. In addition to these special events, the hours of 6:00pm-8:00pm are blackout hours—no recurring meetings can be scheduled during dinner hours in the SDR. If you would like to apply for special permission to use the SDR during blackout hours, you must submit the online room request form at least 2 days in advance. Important note: during March and early April, the SDR will be unavailable for several weeks because of the Lowell House Opera.

Grille - See "Grille Reservation" tab on the left of the page

Kitchen- There is a kitchen for student use in the basement of O entryway. There are cabinets with pots and pans which are padlocked; the combination for the cabinet can be obtained by the Building Manager when you check out the key. Two really important things to keep in mind: the key must get returned promptly or the Building Manager will levy a fine. Also, the kitchen MUST remain very clean otherwise we will get an infestation of bugs.

SCR (Senior Common Room, Q-11) - Occupying the first floor of Q-entry in the small courtyard, the SCR (Senior Common Room) is primarily intended for use by SCR members for casual reading, informal get-togethers, study breaks, etc. It is, therefore, not generally used for classes or tutorials. It can be reserved, by SCR members only, for occasional special meetings or parties. The SCR member who sponsors an event in the Senior Common Room must be present to open and close the room and must supervise the event.

Art Room - In the basement of L entryway, keys for the art room may be borrowed from the Building Manager. 

Bicycle Storage - There are two bicycle storage rooms in the basement of G-entry, a bike rack in front of the Building Manager’s office and in the yard behind the Dining Hall. Bicycles must not be left in the entryway or attached to railings at any time; bicycles left in these places will have their locks cut and be impounded. Please note: bicycles should be tagged (tags are available in the Building Manager’s Office) or kept in your room during Christmas break as the Building Manager will be removing abandoned bikes at that time.

Dance Studio - Located in the basement of AA entry in one of the old squash courts, the Dance Studio is available for use by Harvard undergraduates during non-quiet hours, 11 am - 11 pm, 7 days a week. Students wishing to use the space will need to make a reservation on our online system, and will need to check in at the Building Manager’s Office (first floor F entry) and show their Harvard ID in order to get the key. Non Harvard ID holders may not use the Dance Studio. Please note following stipulations: No street shoes are to be worn on the floor; do not leave personal belongings behind; the space is not secure; please remember that the building Manager’s office is not staffed from 4:15 - 5:00 pm weekdays.

Gym - The Lowell House Gym, located in the basement of C entry in squash court #4, is stocked with free weights, machines, and exercise bikes. Access is by swipe card for Lowell House residents and affiliates.

Music Practice Rooms - There are pianos in the Music Practice Room (F-12, opposite the Building Manager’s office), the Tower Room, and the dining hall, which are available for everyone to use. In addition, there is a fine piano in the Junior Common Room but since the room is often occupied by people watching television, it is not an optimal place for daily practice. The Music Practice Room, F-12, can be used or reserved only between the hours of 11am and 11pm. It can be used for rehearsals by small performing groups or, when not reserved, it can be used by individuals for instrumental practice.

Squash Courts - The squash courts, in the basement of entries A through E, may be used free of charge by resident and nonresident members of the House. (Members of Eliot House and Kirkland House also use our courts.) Guests must be members of the University. Sign-up for the courts is in the Building Manager’s office. Please note that the courts are closed for all intersession recesses (when basements and entries are locked).