To RESERVE MOST AREAS in Lowell House, you have to go to our own Lowell House  Room Booking System and create an account.  In order to make a Dance reservation, you must create a separate account: your username should end in _dance and your department should be "Dance Studio".

VERY IMPORTANT: The exceptions are the Screening Room and the Large Seminar Room off the Lobby.  These two spaces will only be available for booking via EMS RoomBook and only AFTER the hours of 5pm and weekends. During weekdays, these spaces will be approved for reservation by the Registrar for class use.  (EMS RoomBook is Harvard's university-wide room booking system.)

Lowell floorplans

Incoming students: to assist with your planning, please see pictures of typical rooms in renovated Lowell House (with furniture) as well as the index of square footage of each room by room number. Unfortunately, we do not yet have plans with dimensions labeled for each suite.

sq._footage_student_rooms_lowell_house.xlsx27 KB

 Please FULLY READ the room descriptions and limitations listed below before attempting to book a space:

Junior Common Room: The premier livingroom of the House, the JCR is located across from the Dining Hall and open 24/7 for Lowell residents to gather, watch TV, play music, entertain, and be together. It is only bookable by Lowell affiliates and not during the weeknights as we prefer to keep this room as the family room of the House.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings are bookable by Lowellians-- and their groups-- for non-alcoholic gatherings, breaks, group events.  All bookings must be approved by the House Administrator via the Lowell Room Reservations system; all booking requests need c. 5 days lead time.  We do not accept bookings for recurring student group meetings, rehearsals, auditions.

Underground Lounge: The main gathering space for students, House Committee events, Stein Clubs and more, this new lounge has a kitchen attached and is primarily intended for Lowell House resident use.  Bookings need approval from the House Office and a two-week lead time for any party requests with alcohol.  We do not accept bookings for  recurring student group meetings, rehearsals, auditions.  Important: Alcohol service always requires an in-person meeting with the Resident Dean and subsequent approval.  Book through Lowell Room Reservations system.

Kitchen (EL04): Attached to the Underground Lounge but separately secured, this kitchen will be the spot for baking nights, student breaks, and support kitchen for any student event in the lounge. Stein Club and House Committee will use this kitchen as their primary staging ground for House events but it can still be reserved for incidental use by Lowell affiliates. Book through the Lowell Room Reservations system. (NB- all reservations Mon-Thurs will be approved by the Common Spaces Manager of HoCo; weekend approvals will be rare, and dependent upon the schedule of the Underground Lounge)

Coolidge Room (W138): Named for the first dean of Lowell House, Julian Coolidge, this quaint room evokes another time with its elongated seminar table, blackboard, and library collection. Located in the underpass of R entryway off the courtyard, this room seats about 20.  This room is keyed, therefore you must check out a key from the Building Manager's Office to get into this space (once yu have reserved it). Book through Lowell Room Reservations system. (NB: it is not air-conditioned and will be inappropriate for students with academic accommodation needs regarding temperature)

Terrace Seminar Room (EG01): Situated on the ground floor of J entryway, this seminar room seats 10 and is bookable by Lowell House residents only (due to the fact that it is situated within a residential hallway). First priority to tutors, students, or sections taught by Lowell House affiliates. Quiet Houses are observed for this space: 11am - 11pm. Book through Lowell Room Reservations system.

Small Dining Room: This room is located behind the dais at the far end of the Dining Hall. It is a very popular meeting space perhaps because of its proximity to the Dining Hall. It seats about 22. We do not accept recurring dinnertime reservations of student groups for this space but it can be reserved at other times for one-off dinner meetings. Reservations are subject to preemption for occasional faculty dean special events. Book through Lowell Room Reservations system.  NB- in the spring term, the Lowell House Opera uses the room exclusively and it is not available to anyone for several weeks.

Harley Meeting Room: Located adjacent to the Building Manager’s Office on the first floor of Otto Hall, this meeting room seats 8 comfortably and is available for bookings by Lowell affiliates between October and April (i.e. not during the shoulder seasons of move-in and move-out).  Book through the Lowell Room Reservations system.

Large Seminar Room: Situated off the main lobby on the first floor of Otto Hall in Lowell House, this beautiful seminar room seats 20-22 people. Largely booked for classes during the day, this room is bookable by Lowell affiliates only, and after 4:30pm or on weekends through EMS RoomBook.

Screening Hall: Located on the underground level (in a former squash court) via the stairs down from the lobby, this wood paneled, tiered-seating, multi-use space is the prize of the renewal project. Perfect for movie screenings, large seminars, small performances or gatherings, this room seats c. 40 seated and more standing once the seats are retracted. This space has particular requirements (set up time and limited food policy) and is bookable by Lowell affiliates only after 4:30pm and weekends through EMS RoomBook.

Music Practice Rooms (EL45, EL46, EL47, EL48): We have four music practice rooms available in the underground near the mail room. All are soundproofed and three have an acoustic piano. The fourth is optimal for small a capella rehearsal or chamber groups. Book through the Lowell Room Reservations system.

Squash Court: Located in the underground West wing, this squash court is swipe access and open to everyone in the House. Book through Lowell Room Reservations system.

Makerspace (EL51): Located in the underground under G/H entries, the new Makerspace will be under the jurisdiction of our engineering tutor, Kelly Miller ( and will be used for projects and collaborations under her jurisdiction. Reservation requests and inquiries should go to Kelly Miller.  Generally, this space will not be reservable for the general student public.

Art Room (EL05): Located in the underground under J/K entries, the new Art Room will be under the jurisdiction of the Lowell Arts Tutor (Georgia Stirtz, and will be used for arts classes, projects, and crafts. It is only bookable for Lowell House residents through the Lowell Room Reservation system.  It is not bookable for non-Lowell events or meetings.

Tower Room: Head upstairs for a beautiful vista from the 6th floor space under the bell tower! This new, multi-floored Tower Room is a terrific gallery space, iconic gathering spot, and a cozy place to gather with your friends. Standing capacity around 40, seated capacity c. 12-15. Can be reserved by student groups with Lowellian sponsor. You can reach it from Elevator 2 accross from the Building Manager's Office: stop at "5M."  NB: this space does not have a door on the lower level so it cannot be made entirely private.  Book through Lowell Room Reservations system.

Senior Common Room: Located on the main floor of Otto Hall adjacent to the lobby, the Senior Common Room is a refuge for SCR members and quiet gatherings. It is prioritized for tutors and SCR members for study breaks, Poemicals, advising lunches, and other SCR activity. Reservations approved through Lowell Room Reservations system. All events or reservations in this space must be escorted by an SCR member.

Library: The beloved traditional study space located on the second floor of Otto Hall (D/E entries) has had a gentle refurbishment and stands ready for all Lowellians to come and study peacefully in the wood-panelled quiet.  It is not reservable, it is for Lowell residents, and it is considered a quiet study space except on Sunday nights between 8-10pm when the Librarian serves milk and cookies (or for the occasional music performance).

Dance Studio (WS04): Located in the underground adjacent to the Screening Room, the new Dance Studio is reservable for Harvard affiliated choreographers for 5 hours a week. Reservations approved by House Office through Lowell Room Reservations system. In order to make a reservation, you must create a separate account: your username should end in _dance and your department should be "Dance Studio".

DINING HALL:  This space is not reservable except for special events, House formals, or campus events.  There is a  minimum 3 week lead time to apply; personal approval from the House Administrator is necessary. Paper forms to apply to reserve the Dining Hall are available at the House Office, not online.  Contact Beth Terry directly for more information. 

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