Allston Burr Dean

Dr. Caitlin M. Casey, Lecturer in History and Literature

Lowell House Office A-22, 617-495-2283, 

I am thrilled to be returning to Lowell House for my fourth year as your dean. I was a Leverite as an undergraduate but, after four years and two kids, Lowell is home now. I was Hist and Lit when I was here and returned in 2011 after finishing my doctorate to teach in the department. I am not unbiased but I can pretty definitively say that it is the best department in the University and I'm happy to talk to you about it if you're interested. I work on the US in the 1960's and my research examines how American activists of the era created global networks that presaged the NGOs of the 1970s, the anti-apartheid movement of the 1980s, and Occupy Wall Street. As your dean, it is my job to make sure that you walk across that stage and get a diploma - at some point. I am the person to talk to about academic concerns or questions, personal issues that are impacting your experience here, and any house-related issues. Basically, if you don't know where to turn for any question, you should come talk to me (or Michael Uy until the first week in October). Nothing is too trivial, too esoteric, or too personal (trust me) and you will not be the first person to cry in my office.

This is our last year in this historic building and I'm excited to be embarking on it with this year's community. Fist and arrows up!