Lowell House Pre-Law Calendar for 2019-2020 Application Cycle

Attention to JUNIORS applying to HLS's deferred admission program: Applications to HLS's deferred admission program will not be considered on a rolling basis, and all decisions will be made at roughly the same time in Summer 2020. Pay attention below to whether deadlines apply to SENIORS & ALUMNI or to JUNIORS.

Sep 1: Last day to notify pre-law committee of your intent to apply in the fall cycle (SENIORS and ALUMNI)

Sep 10: Registration deadline for October 2019 LSAT

Sep 21: LSAT (last recommended LSAT date for SENIORS and ALUMNI)

Oct 10: Registration deadline for November 2019 LSAT

Oct 15: Deadline for SENIORS & ALUMNI to submit the first draft of your Personal Statement and Diversity Statement for review and comments by pre-law advisers (submit to your assigned pre-law tutor by email)

Oct 28: LSAT

Nov 22: Last day for SENIORS & ALUMNI to receive comments and edits on Personal Statement and Diversity Statement. Recommended application submission date for SENIORS & ALUMNI.

Nov 25: LSAT (NOT recommended for this year’s applicants, except JUNIORS)

Dec 17: Regular registration deadline for Jan 26, 2019 LSAT

Jan 26: LSAT (last LSAT accepted for junior deferral program)

Feb 1: Last day to notify pre-law committee of your intent to apply for Junior Deferral Program (JUNIORS)

Mar 1: Deadline for JUNIORS to submit draft Personal Statement/Diversity Statement for review and comments by adviser

Mar 1: Application for HLS JUNIOR DEFERRAL PROGRAM goes live (expected)

Apr 1: Deadline for JUNIORS to submit applications to HLS (expected).

June-July: Summer LSATs; dates for tests and registration TBA


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