Faculty Deans of Lowell House


Diana L. Eck, Professor of Comparative Religion and Indian Studies; Harvard College Professor;   dianaeck@fas.harvard.edu

Dorothy A. Austin, Lecturer in Religion and Psychology, Harvard Divinity School; daustin@fas.harvard.edu

Home Phone: (617) 661-6450, (617) 493-1600

Diana L. Eck
Professor of Comparative Religion and Indian Studies
Harvard College Professor
Home Phones: (617) 661-6450, (617) 493-1600
E-mail: dianaeck@fas.harvard.edu

Dorothy A. Austin
Lecturer in Religion and Psychology,
Harvard Divinity School
Home Phones: (617) 661-6450, (617)-493-1600
E-mail: daustin@fas.harvard.edu

It’s our great pleasure to welcome you to Lowell House. We are eager to get to know you. We are both often in the Dining Hall for lunch, dinner, or late night conversation, or just getting a cup of coffee. We welcome you to the Faculty Deans’ Residence for weekly Thursday teas and other events. We encourage you to come as often as you can--and remind us of your names, since there are more than 400 of you and only two of us! Above all, please feel free to contact us with any personal or house-related concerns you have.

Diana is a native of Bozeman, Montana and loves the west. Her scholarly research and teaching is on the religious traditions of India and the comparative study of religion. Her books on India include Banaras, City of Light and Darsan, Seeing the Divine Image in India. Her most recent book is India: A Sacred Geography.

Beyond India, Diana has published a theological memoir -- Encountering God: A Spiritual Journey from Bozeman to Banaras and A New Religious America: How a ‘Christian Country’ Has Become the World’s Most Religiously Diverse Nation. She also runs a large student think-tank and research project called the Pluralism Project that addresses the challenges of religious pluralism in multi-religious societies, especially the U.S. Check out the Project at http://www.pluralism.org. This fall, Diana will teach US & The World 32, “The World’s Religions in Multicultural America: A Case Studies Approach.” In the spring, she will be teaching Culture & Belief 60, “Religion in India: Texts and Traditions.”

Dorothy is a native of Massachusetts who grew up in the Fall River area on Mount Hope Bay. She loves the sea and designed our seaside retreat on Seaview Avenue in Swansea. She is a clinically trained psychologist with a Masters in Clinical Social Work from Boston University and a doctorate in Psychology and Religion from Harvard. She is also an ordained minister in the Episcopal Church. For many years, Dorothy taught in the Cambridge Hospital Department of Psychiatry where she created a Clinical Program in Psychology and Religion and was Director of the Erik H. & Joan M. Erikson Center. She has been a Lecturer in Psychology at Harvard Divinity School. If you’re interested in clinical psychology, psychotherapy, meditation, clinical social work, religious studies and spiritual practice, don’t hesitate to be in touch with Dorothy. She is currently working on a collection of sermons and a family memoir.