Graduate School

Pre-Graduate School Advising

If you are considering graduate school, it is essential that you talk to people with experience in your chosen field as early as the spring semester of your junior year. Most of your resident and non-resident tutors in the House are current graduate students and can be a great resource. They can help you with the application process, choice of institution, and with general wisdom and advice on your field of interest. In addition, many members of our Senior Common Room are faculty members and administrators at the university and would be valuable resources.

The Lowell pre-grad chool committee is an informal committee comprised of resident tutors who occasionally plan events attracting students interested in grad school, or provide advising for making decisions about grad school.  They can help set up mentoring relationships within the House. Contact Eshwan Ramudu, PreCareers Tutor, or Meghan Blumstein, JCR tutor, to suggest a good referral:  or

Another valuable resource at Harvard is the Office of Career Services at Contact the Assistant Directors for GSAS and PhD advising: Laura Stark ( and Caroline Rende (