How can I estimate my likelihood of admission?

The FAS Office of Career Services (OCS) publishes “Grids” each year which compile data about how many applicants from Harvard College were admitted by the various law schools, organized by the GPA, LSAT scores, and ethnicity of the applicants. The Grids are sometimes daunting to look at and we emphasize that this is a simplification of the admissions process that does not take into account other factors considered by admissions committees (although the trends are undeniable). Take the grids with a grain of salt! Current or past students of Lowell House can request to view a copy of the “Grids” by contacting Pre-Law Committee member David Kim at

The same goes for the U.S. News and World Reports rankings. Both provide useful but very limited information. Aim high and don’t psych yourself out. Always apply to all the schools you could see yourself attending – don’t make the admissions committees’ decisions for them. Law school admissions committees can be quirky and unpredictable, however, so we generally recommend applying to at least ten schools. Your pre-law advisor can help you put together a list of schools, think through which ones would be the best fit, and eventually help you decide which school to attend.

Although some schools are known to have certain strengths, people do not have “majors” in law school, and many courses are general and required at all schools (though there is more opportunity for specialization in the second and third years). Also consider the overall reputation of the school, its size (class sizes range pretty widely), location (where would you like to spend three years?), and other attributes.

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