All of the tutors and other members of the Senior Common Room are available to advise students – the members of the 'Junior Common Room' – on academic and personal matters. This advising and mentoring function is one of the primary purposes of the Senior Common Room and Lowell House, and a task the SCR takes seriously.

Here are a few special things we do to make our advice more easily accessible to you. There are other sources of advice outside the House; you can find some of these under Resources.

Fellowships Advising:

Fellowships provide opportunities for students and graduates to pursue study, travel, research, or public service, both during the summer and after graduation.  Lowell has a team of resident and non-resident tutors who are experienced in helping students apply for and obtain these opportunities.  While some of the most famous and competitive fellowships, like the Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships, are for students with stellar academic and extracurricular records, there are many more opportunities at Harvard and beyond for students with a wide array of dreams, experiences, and academic records.

Pre-Professional Advising

There are several special committees of the Senior Common Room and individual positions intended to help pre-professional students. Students may contact any member of the relevant committee with questions; for initial inquiries, it is probably best to contact one of the committee chairs or the House Office. The committees are:

Dean's and Advising Tutor'sOffice Hours

The academic dean of the House, Caitlin Casey, and some of the tutors/advisors in fields, keep regular office hours for students. The Resident Dean's office hour link will be posted on her web page (under "People") for scheduling office hours.  Fellowships and PreMed will create their own listservs based on subscription and will do much of their communication that way. 

Of course, you should feel free to contact the resident tutors via email anytime, regardless of their office hours.

Non-Concentration Advising (sophomore advising)

Each sophomore or transfer student entering the House is allocated a non-concentration advisor from among the Senior Common Room. The advisor is generally not in the department of the student’s concentration, or in that student’s entry; the sophomore advisor is usually a resident tutor and is intended to be a neutral advisor to the student, and who has no other connection with the student which might put the advisor in an evaluative role with regard to that student. Contact Caitlin Casey (lo-abrd@fas.harvard.eduif you have any questions about sophomore advising.