Senior Common Room

The Senior Common Room is both a place  -- a room in Q-entryway-- and a group of people associated with the House. This group is comprised of faculty deans, House deans and staff, associated faculty, fellows, scholars and affiliates.  SCR members range from doctors to artists, conductors to chemists, along with a full complement of academics. To get to know this diverse and interesting group of people you should go to Thursday Teas, House events, Deans' Dinners, High Tables, Trivia Nights, Coffee Houses, or just sit down next to them in the dining hall. 

Any student interested in broadening their personal acquaintance with the SCR can join the Lowell~Links program and be paired with someone they don't yet know.  We undertake these pairings in October and February as semesters are underway. As a student, take advantage of this and you will make good connections and meet fascinating people!

In fall 2016 we have started a sign up for students interested in attending occasional SCR meetings and lunches. Ordinarily these take place on Wednesdays at 12:30pm in the SCR.  Please use this sign-up form to indicate your interest. 

Non-Resident SCR directory