Welcome to the Lowell House Pre-Law Advising website. Be sure to also visit OCS's Pre-Law website for other resources and a campus-wide calendar of pre-law events.

This page is designed to give you an overview of the law school application process and to introduce you to some of the resources available at Lowell House and across the university to assist you in:

  • Determining whether law school is right for you;
  • Deciding when to apply;
  • Maximizing your chances of admission at the schools of your choice when you do apply; and
  • Deciding which school to attend.

This is NOT a comprehensive guide on how to apply to law school. Please use it only as a guide to Lowell House resources and procedures. For information on deadlines and requirements for each law school, consult that school's application or call their admissions office. YOU are responsible for keeping track of all deadlines for the LSAT and the law schools to which you are applying and for approaching professors for recommendations. You are also responsible for making sure that your application to each law school is complete well in advance of deadlines. If you have any questions about a particular law school's policy, always call the law school's admissions office and ask them.

How To Use This Site

Overview Of What The Pre-Law Committee Can Do For You

  • Provide general advice if you are a current or former Lowellian contemplating law school;
  • Assign you a pre-law advisor during the summer or early fall of the year in which you intend to apply to law school; and
  • Provide information about law-related opportunities.

NOTE: The deadline for seeking Lowell House application advising for Seniors & Alumni is Sep. 1. Please reach out to Di at before midnight on Sep. 1 if you are interested in advising.

The Pre-Law Committee is here to help you determine if a career in the law is right for you. If you decide to apply to law school, we are committed to helping you navigate through the application process. We are available to advise both current students and Lowell alumni/ae. Initially, the decision about whether or not to apply to law school—and then actually beginning that process—may seem overwhelming. However, with Lowell House's support, we're confident that we can make that process manageable for you.

The Pre-Law Committee looks forward to getting to know you as you are contemplating law school. Feel free to contact any of your Resident Pre-Law Tutors with questions.

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